Discover Your VELOS


Each VELOS is one of kind; tailored to each owner. Built on a foundation of breathtaking engineering and a captivating aesthetic. Each one is an exquisite masterpiece. Audette collaborates closely with the owner to create a motorcycle that fits their personality, while matching the brand’s status and fierce commitment to the utmost quality standard.

There are virtually no limits to the level of personalization that can be achieved. An endless selection of color and paint schemes is just the beginning. From the finest hand picked and stitched upholstery, individualized engravings, and vast material combination, no VELOS will replicate another. Audette matches the power unit of each VELOS to the individual owner’s unique riding preference. With rider specific suspension and ergonomics to evoke confidence every ride.

The success of Audette is underpinned by delivering uncompromising detail, engineered to the highest standards. Integrity, accountability and a fierce commitment to our customers is prioritized in every aspect of our work.





The Audette VELOS is not your average motorcycle. It was inspired by the few with the desire, courage and audacity to live by their own standards. Precision Engineering, a captivating aesthetics and irresistible performance makes every Audette remarkable. The VELOS is category defying, inspired by the Isle of Man TT races and monstrous torque of American V-Twin motors. It was made specifically to carve the corners of your favorite road with confidence, in an seating position optimized for you to be none-fatiguing, nothing short of exhilarating, as the asphalt feels like it is being ripped up from the power delivered to the rear wheel.


Each motor, suspension set up, and touch points are tailed to the individual owner, matching their riding style. The lightweight, twin spare, C-Channel frame has been designed and engineered from the ground up, made from CNC machined billets of aerospace grade aluminum. Made to inspire confidence while carving curves or ripping around your favorite roads. With carbon fiber wheels wrapped in Pirelli's to effortlessly keep the VELOS agile and nimble on the road.  

Down to the custom hardware, there wasn’t a detail overlooked.

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We are committed to creating innovative yet timeless designs. Through our relentless pursuit of the perfect design, we couple engineering and artistry to create captivating yet precision motorcycles. Audette Motorcycles was founded in 2019, with the belief that the superlative motorcycle had not been designed yet. We set out to design and engineer the most exciting, sought after and exclusive motorcycle in the world. To seek perfection in every aspect of engineering, material choice, shape and design. To set the example of mechanical excellence and material elegance. Creating an immortal icon. A motorcycle with no compromises. Built for the connoisseur and true lover of motorcycles.

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