Who we are

We are a small group of engineers, machinists and craftsmen reimagining what the world’s preeminent motorcycle can be. Our team’s engineering expertise, passion and relentless drive transcends all others.  Our personal understanding of a motorcycle’s dynamics, gives our riders an experience that only a world class machine can deliver.  

We are the creators of the superlative motorcycles of your future.



Believing that actions speak louder than words, Tony's manner is humble and easy-going, known for his good nature. He builds relationships on a foundation of integrity and respect. Tony's positive attitude and sense of humor conceals his unwavering drive to deliver the best in motorcycle engineering. His actions define the success and ethos of our company.


Audette credits his work ethic to the influence of his parents. He was raised on hard work and the mantra: "If you always think the way you have always thought, you'll always get what you've always got." The Marine Corps was also a driving force in Tony's life, honing his focus, discipline and willingness to go the extra mile in pursuit of a goal. During his time in the Marine Corps, Tony was a medium and heavy machine gunner being individually recognized on several occasions for his exceptional proficiencies. He served a combat deployment in Marjah, Afghanistan as part of an 8 man outpost tasked with route clearance and radio retransmission. This eight man team was known as 'The Exiled Eight' for their remote location and operating independence from their Company command.


With characteristic determination, Tony built his career in engineering from the ground up, cutting his teeth in manufacturing making prototype firearms then refining those skills in the aerospace industry. When the opportunity arose to go work in the high-end motorcycle industry, Audette jumped at the opportunity. He founded the Audette Motorcycle Company in 2019 and is carefully assembling a team of talented and driven individuals who share his passion for creating the finest quality motorcycles while delivering exceptional client experiences. Tony is directly involved in each project, and remains focused on continually broadening his expertise, attracting the best in the business.





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Audette Motorcycles is the creator of the iconic American superbike, the 'VELOS'. A motorcycle built around the legendary torque of an American 'V-Twin' motor in a frame engineered for precision handling, delivering maximal confidence in every corner. Setting the example of mechanical excellence and material elegance. Seeking perfection in every aspect of engineering, material choice, shape and design. Each 'VELOS' is built specifically for the individual owner. Making the AUDETTE VELOS the most exciting, exclusive and sought after motorcycle on the market. 


Audette Motorcycles was founded in 2019, with the belief that the superlative motorcycle had not yet been designed. We are committed to creating innovative and timeless designs. Through our relentless pursuit of the perfect design, we couple engineering and artistry to create captivating yet precision motorcycles in addition to aftermarket parts for Indian Motorcycles.